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Subscription Policies

  • The subscriber should not have a current or previous diagnosis of cancer.
  • The subscriber may only increase the coverage ceiling at the end of the subscription period. It is not permissible to increase the coverage ceiling during the subscription period.
  • The subscriber is required to renew their subscription by or before the expiration date. In the event of a delay, the subsequent subscription request will be considered as a new application and subject to the same terms and conditions which are applicable to new subscription requests.
  • The subscriber is not allowed, under any circumstances, to renew their subscription in the event of a cancer diagnosis.
  • If the subscriber renews their subscription and it is proven that he failed to inform the insurance provider of a cancer diagnosis, the renewal in this case will be promptly cancelled.
  • The subscriber is eligible to benefit from insurance coverage after completing the mandatory 6-month waiting period (applicable for new subscriptions only). Insurance coverage will not be granted to new subscribers who are diagnosed with cancer during the first 6 months of the subscription.

CCI Benefits in the Absence of a Cancer Diagnosis

  • The subscriber is entitled to utilize various laboratory and radiology services for all cancer-related diseases exclusively at the King Hussein Cancer Center and is eligible for a 25% discount on laboratory tests, radiographic imaging, and endoscopic examinations, which will be deducted from the amount invoiced of those expenses as a CCI subscriber.