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Diverse Range of Premiums For Different Coverage Ceilings

Options for premiums and coverage ceilings which have been designed to benefit all members

Corporate and Individual Subscribers

CCI welcomes corporates and individuals to subscribe 

All Nationalities

CCI welcomes all nationalities to subscribe

All Nationalities and No Age limit

CCI welcomes all nationalities and all age groups to subscribe


Subscription fees are used to treat subscribers who were diagnosed with cancer.

Free Annual Clinical Examination

CCI grants subscribers (Women Only) a free annual clinical examination at KHCC’s Early Detection Clinic.

Guaranteed Benefit From The Full Coverage Ceiling

In the event of cancer diagnosis during the subscription period, CCI covers all treatment procedures until the full value of the coverage is exhausted, regardless of the expiration date of the subscription.

Immediate Admission to KHCC

Immediate admission to KHCC to begin treatment

Discounts on Medical Examinations

CCI gives a 25% discount on x-rays, endoscopies, colonoscopies, and laboratory tests at KHCC for non-patient subscribers.

Exclusive Coverage at KHCC

CCI provides guaranteed and exclusive cancer coverage and treatment at KHCC. No other insurance provider in Jordan offers guaranteed treatment at KHCC.