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Cancer Care Insurance for Individuals

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Cancer Care Insurance for Corporates

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of treatment is calculated according to the fees approved by the Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Medical Association in terms of admission costs and doctors’ wages. CCI members can also get special discounts that will be directly reflected on their bill.

We encourage you not to perceive CCI as a financial burden, but rather a way to prioritize your health and protect yourself. The insurance subscription fee is only a fraction of the many other costs associated with cancer treatment, which are likely to be significantly more than the cost of insurance. 

 If you are a CCI member, you can book an appointment at the Early Detection Clinic by calling:

 +962 6 5300 460 ext. 2317.

 If you are not a CCI member, take the initiative to subscribe before booking the appointment to obtain the free clinical examination granted to all CCI members, in addition to various discounts.