Membership Renewal / Corporate Subscribers

  • When to Renew
    Corporations must renew their membership with CCP on or before the date of expiry of the existing membership. Corporations have a one-month grace period after the expiry of the existing membership to renew, otherwise a new agreement with CCP must be signed and the agreement will be subject to all rules and conditions applied to first-time corporate applicants such as the waiting period.
  • How to Renew
    • Corporate subscribers must contact CCP to arrange for membership renewal.
    • CCP will send the company a list of its employees who are currently enrolled in CCP, and it is the responsibility of the company to validate the list before membership renewal. 
    • After validation, CCP will charge the company with due amounts for membership renewal.
    • After payment is received, membership cards will be issued to the company to give to its employees.
  • Increasing Your Coverage Limit
    Companies can choose to increase the coverage limit for their employees when renewing their membership and the membership fee will be increased accordingly. Coverage limits cannot be increased while the membership agreement is still in effect.