Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t have cancer, why should I join CCP?
    Hopefully you will never have to face a cancer diagnosis. However, cancer can happen to anyone and it is never easy to come to terms with, especially given that cancer treatment is costly and is becoming increasingly more expensive. 
    If you are ever diagnosed with cancer, CCP can alleviate the financial burden of treatment by covering your treatment from JD 10,000 up to JD 30,000 depending on the coverage option chosen by you when you became a member, in addition to the other benefits you will be entitled to by joining the program.
  • Why do the premiums vary according to age groups?
    Studies show that the older you get, the more at risk you are of being diagnosed with cancer. Our premiums merely reflect this statistic, as we believe that someone who is at less risk of being diagnosed with cancer should not have to pay the same premium as someone who is at more risk.
  • If I was diagnosed with cancer, would the CCP coverage limit cover all my treatment costs?
    It all depends on the coverage you choose (JD 10,000 up to JD 30,000). Average treatment costs are about JD25,000, which means that in most cases, CCP covers up to a half of treatment costs. In some cases, it can cover all the treatment costs. By choosing one of CCP’s coverage plans, you will ensure immediate admission and initiation of treatment. 
  • I heard that the Royal Court will cover my treatment costs if I was ever diagnosed with cancer. If that is the case, then why would I want to enroll in CCP?
    The Royal Court covers the treatment costs of most, not all, patients on the condition that they receive their treatment in one of the Kingdom’s public hospitals. 

    However if you enroll in CCP, your coverage will guarantee cancer treatment exclusively at the King Hussein Cancer Center, which is the only cancer center in the Arab world to earn international accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) as a disease-specific center. This means that not only will you have most of your treatment costs covered by CCP, but also that you can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving treatment at one of the best centers in the region, specialized in comprehensive cancer care. 
  • If KHCC is a nonprofit organization, then why isn’t cancer treatment offered for free?
    KHCC is a nonprofit organization, but this does not mean that it can offer cancer treatment for free. The difference between a nonprofit organization and an organization that aims to make a profit is that a nonprofit organization does not distribute its profits to owners or shareholders but rather channels all the money it makes back into the organization in order to thrive and continue to provide quality services.  Cancer treatment is expensive. In fact, 60-70% of our operating costs go towards procuring oncology medicines and treatment alone. KHCC, like any other hospital, needs to cover its operational expenses in order to maintain its position as a cancer center of excellence.
  • How are cancer treatment costs calculated for those covered by CCP?
    Treatment costs are calculated in line with guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and the Jordan Medical Association with regards to inpatient stays and physician’s fees. CCP patients are eligible to receive a special discount.
  • I am still young and in good health. Why should I enroll in CCP now and not when I am older?
    Even though cancer is a disease often associated with old age, it is indiscriminate, and people of all ages are diagnosed with it. Being young does not guarantee that you will not be at risk of cancer, and that’s why it’s important to protect yourself no matter what your age.
    Also enrolling in CCP while still young will allow you to acquire all the necessary knowledge about self protection, as well as raising your awareness about early detection.
    In addition to the above, you will benefit from a free annual physical examination at KHCC along with 20% discounts on x-rays, colonoscopy, endoscope and all laboratory exams. 
  • I have so many financial responsibilities and can’t afford adding another one.
    CCP should not be considered a financial obligation, but a way for you to protect yourself. CCP premiums are only a fraction of our daily spending on many other things. For example, a regular smoker is likely to spend more on purchasing cigarettes per month than the cost of paying the monthly CCP premium.
    You won’t feel a burden if you choose to start with the lowest coverage plan. 
  • Will someone remind me when it’s time to renew my subscription?
    It is your responsibility to renew your subscribtion. However we do our best to remind all members who did not renew. 
  • Can I complete the application form on behalf of one of my relatives who resides outside of Jordan?
    You can do that, but kindly note that the application form is a binding legal contract, so any other party must be fully informed about its contents and must personally sign the approval and authorization form attached to the request.
  • If I am applying on a hard copy application form (not online), can I send the application form by email or by fax?
    Yes you can. We will follow up with you once we receive your application.
  • How do I set an appointment with the Early Detection Clinic?
    If you are a CCP member, you can visit the clinic by calling KHCC for an appointment: (06) 53 00 460, ext. 2317 to get a free annual clinical examination.