Become a Member / Corporate Applicants

  • All corporations based locally or internationally are eligible to enroll their employees and their employees’ families in the Cancer Care Program (CCP).
  • There is no age limit on membership for corporate applicants (given no prior history of cancer).
  • To Become a Corporate Member:
    1. Corporate applicants must first sign a membership agreement with CCP.*
    2. The company must give CCP full details of its participating employees by filling in a special form (provided by CCP).
    3. The company must then commit to paying the membership fees on behalf of its employees after receiving a financial claim from CCP.
    4. Once payment is received, CCP will issue membership cards to all participating employees. **

Any contact between a participating employee and CCP will be made through the company.
* The membership agreement/application form will be the basis of subscription with CCP.
** In order to receive membership benefits and discounts, CCP members must present their membership cards when arriving for appointments at the King Hussein Cancer Center.

  • Membership Fees
    Corporate members can enroll in CCP for a small annual fee.
  • Waiting Period
    After enrolling, corporate members of all nationalities have an obligatory waiting period of six months (for the first year of subscription only) before they are able to start any treatment (if needed) at KHCC.
  • To apply:
    Please call: (+962-6) 55 44 970 ext. 201/191/194
  • Fax: (+962-6) 55 44 972
  • Email: